Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I am hoping for a more relaxed day now that yesterday is out of the way. I am just glad to have got through it and have amazing friends.


Yesterday was a tough day and by the end of it I was really tired. But I am so happy to have it done and that I have such amazing and awesome friends. One of them took me to the pub while the other stayed home with mum. I had a good chat in the pub with a friend and their little girl. Who was amused by ice and colouring. A random combination but it obviously worked. When it was all done we came home and helped put some stuff away. As well as chatting about things. I felt a lot more relaxed and my anxiety, which had been rising throughout the day, mostly went away.

Today, I don’t have any appointments to go to so I am going to be at home. I do have to pop out in the afternoon, as I need to pick up the remainder of my medication from the pharmacy. But apart from that I am just going to relax and chill. I am going to get in some gaming and some drum practice. Just stuff to take my mind off of the past few days, as they have been hard on my mental health. I don’t know how things would have ended if it had been any longer. So, overall I just want to have a nice relaxing day and not have to think about anything.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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