Writing Wednesday

Hey everyone, how are you?

It writing Wednesday so, that is what I am going to be doing for the bulk of the day.


The writing is going to be split into two sections:

  1. Writing for a friend.
  2. Writing my novel.

I am going to try and get up and get out early as there are some things that I need to do. So, that, when I get home I can just fully focus on writing. And not get distracted by anything else. I spent yesterday relaxing so I cannot argue that I’m not chilled or have any excuses like that. I need to focus and not get distracted. I also need to spend equal amounts of time on each piece of writing so that I know I have got a fair amount done.

One of the things that I did do yesterday afternoon was write a to do list. This is so I know exactly what needs to be achieved this week and when it needs to be done by. The first thing I am going to write is the stuff that I am doing for a friend at the university. It is more pressing and there is a lot of it so, I want to get as much done as possible in one sitting. It does mean that I am going to be sat at my laptop for hours, which is something that I am not looking forward to. But it has to be done.

I will then move on to writing more of the novel. This will be done by hand so, I can have a bit of a screen break. I know that I will enjoy writing the novel more, which is why I want to spend equal amounts of time on both pieces of writing. Otherwise, I know that I would prioritise one over the other and that will just get me into a mess. The one thing that I am having trouble with is the order in which to write the novel. Do I go from start to finish or write the chapter that is in my head at the time? I guy says to go in chronological order but my mind is fixed on a certain point in the novel and I feel as though I should write it first. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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