Writing and Art

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today is going to be a combination of writing and art. As I need to make it to the art group in the afternoon.


Today, I am planning on getting some writing done in the morning and go to the art group in the afternoon. It will be dependant on how well I sleep in the night. As I may end up falling back to sleep in the morning. But the plan is to write and get some more of the stuff done for the university. So, that, I have less to do over the weekend. The university writing is taking a long time and I am no where near finishing it all, so, I really need to focus and get it done. This means that today, I will not be writing the novel. As I won’t have time, by the time I have done a substantial amount of the other writing and when I need to go out.

As for the art group I am determined to make it this week. Panic attack or no panic attack. I am sort of looking forward to it and know what I want to draw and make. I have not been to the art group for a number of weeks. And that in turn has made me anxious about going back. But I know that once I get into the group I will be fine. And I don’t have to stay for the whole two hours. I can stay as long as I feel comfortable for. So, I will probably stay for an hour or so.

Overall, it should be a good and productive day. One where I can say at the end of it that I have done something. Rather than laying around doing nothing.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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