Chapter finished

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday I got a fair bit of writing done. And I finished the current chapter that I was writing.


I’m not going to have much time to get any writing done today. I am going to be out for a good chunk of the day. I will be out participating in a talk and then have some errands that I need to do. I will aim to get some writing done when I get home. I have some other writing tasks that I need to get on with and finish before I take on more of the novel. As both activities will take up a lot of time and it is a case of priorities. The writing that I got done yesterday I was happy with and I am looking forward to typing it up and sending it to a friend to read. I also got some other things done, I spent most of yesterday sat at my desk.

I have also been planning something with a friend. And we need to catch up and try and put a proposal together before the deadline. I have an idea for the chapter, hopefully it will be good enough. The chapter is non-fiction and will take a lot of time to get written. But if it is approved then it will be awesome. As it will go into a book that will be published next year.

I also want to chill for a bit tomorrow as well. As I know that I will be tired from the morning. I will either listen to music or play some video games. It will all depend on how I am feeling. I may even just crash out asleep, as I know that I will be tired.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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