Hey everyone, how are you?

There is finally a day in the week where I can sit down and write. Rather than having to squeeze it in here and there.


I was meant to be going to the art group today. But after a stressful day yesterday, I am staying at home and resting. And one of the ways that I can rest is to get some writing in. I know that it will help to calm me. Also, I can get revenge on some people by making characters of them and killing them off in stories. Mostly though, I want to plan out the novel. I didn’t do much yesterday as I had hoped but today I do not have to go out, so there is plenty of time to do this. I have found a useful website that will help me to plan out the novel and the characters, so, I am going to use it as a foundation.

The other aim of the day is to stay relaxed. This does mean not going to the art group, which is something that I had planned to do. But I need to look after myself, even if it sounds selfish. But things have not been great for me lately and I need some time to chill. To do this I am going to be getting in some drum practice and some gaming. Both of these activities along with writing and reading will allow me to become less tense and hopefully reduce the pain that I have been in lately.

Like I said I also want to read throughout the day. I have two books on the go at the moment as usual. I have a fiction and a non-fiction. I want to get more of the non-fiction one read today. Because I have more non-fiction books than I do fiction books and I want to get as much read before the end of the year as possible. I keep track of all of the books that I have read throughout the year. Also, the current non-fiction book that I am reading “Battle Scars” by Jason Fox is a really easy read.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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