Headaches again

Hey everyone, how are you?

My headaches are getting so bad, that they are stopping me from getting any writing done.


Yesterday was a write off, in that, I could not sit at a desk in front of a screen for too long. As my headaches were just getting worse throughout the day. I was not able to get anywhere near the amount of writing that I wanted to do done. It’s a real put down when you try to make something happen but your body goes against you. Instead, I ended up spending the day in a dark room in silence (mostly), taking painkillers to try and get rid of the headache. I also tried some stretches as well but nothing seemed to work. It also means that I have more stuff that I need to do today.

Today, I am going to be having some treatment on my shoulder, neck and head. The aim of the treatment is to release the tension that is causing the headaches so that I can have some relief. The treatment is the same as I have had before, fascial manipulation. It has been beneficial in the past and helps to get rid of the tense points in my body so I don’t get a headache. I know that the treatment is going to hurt, but I also know that it is going to be worth it. As I cannot continue on with constant headaches. They are stopping me from getting on with my life.

When I get home from the treatment I know that I am going to be tired. The treatment always takes it out of me. But after I have rested there are things that I need to get on with writing wise. I need to finish off and send off the chapter proposal and finish planning out the novel. I was meant to go to the creative writing course, but it clashes time wise with my treatment. So, I will have to wait until next week to go back to it. Which sucks as it is only on for six weeks at a time and I will have missed the first two. But I will get some writing done at home.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Working through pain is hard enough, but it’s worse when the work is as non-physical as writing… while the mind is busy trying to form a thought, the body has nothing else to do but relentlessly remind us of pain. I sincerely wish you good luck!

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