Hey everyone, how are you?

I’m finally out of pain. Meaning that I can finally sit and write today.


I have so much to catch up on. The good thing is that I did manage to hit my deadline yesterday. So, that is one thing off the to do list. Am also keeping my fingers crossed that we get deleted, but now it is in the hands of the judges, as there is nothing more that we can do. This also means that I have to the whole day to write the novel. I can finish planning it and get on writing the next chapter. I think the next chapter that I will write is the ending. As I have it going around in my head and I want to get a draft down on paper. I also want to get some ideas down for short stories and poetry.

I do still have some writing for the university to do, but the main one that needed to be done for yesterday is done. I have also almost finished another document, so, I want to finish that off today as well. I can then go in on Monday and download what I need to get on with the other documents. It feels so good to be pain free that I can actually plan and be able to stick to those plans. And not have to hide away in a dark room because my head is hurting too much. It has also lifted my mood mentally, as the pain that I had been having was really starting to get me down.

I also want to get on with some reading, which is something else that I have been finding hard this week. I have two non-fiction and one fiction book on the go currently. I probably won’t get any of the books finished today, but I want to get a good amount of one of the books read. I will probably read more of “Battle Scars” by Jason Fox as that is the book I am the furthest in and the one that I started first. So, I want to get close to finishing it as much as possible. Otherwise, I will lose where I am in the book and it will be hard to restart.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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