Change of plans

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve had to make a change of plans for the start of this week. As things happened surrounding my mental health.


Yesterday, my mental health acted up and I went down, depressed and unable to do anything. Meaning that I did not get any writing in. Also, I didn’t go into the university and am going in today. So, I will be doing stuff there instead of writing at home. I may not be able to get any fiction writing in today because I also have an appointment in the afternoon. It is likely that I will be going straight from the university to the recovery centre that I go to. And I won’t get home until the evening. And I don’t tend to write in the evening as I want to spend that time chilling and getting ready for the next day.

The writing that I will be able to do today though, is writing some non-fiction. I have stuff at the university that I have to do and it is going to take some time to complete. But I will have the time and space to get some more of it done. I will have a few hours where I can get a decent amount written and hopefully one of the documents finished and emailed off. I also need to download some files, which I have tried to do at home but it didn’t work. So, I need to do that as well.

It will suck not getting any fiction writing of the novel done. But time is on my side and I will have the rest of the week to get the chapter written and the novel plan finished. This is even though I am out each day for the rest of the week. I will have the creative writing group to get some writing done. It is on Thursday for a couple of hours and it will hopefully help me to get my motivation back. And it will be nice to write something other than the novel. It might even plant the seed for a new short story or piece of poetry.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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