Writing Wednesday

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s writing Wednesday and I finally have a day where I can sit and do some writing. Writing that is creative and not writing where I get frustrated.


Writing is an escape. And one that I have not been able to do lately. This is because of a range of things, from other stuff that I have had to do and because of my mental health. But today, besides having to pop out to a doctor appointment, I have the whole day to sit and write. I can finish off the novel plan and get on writing what will be the final chapter, where something major is going to to be happening. I can’t wait to get it onto paper and out of my head. I am looking forward to it, it should be a good day. For me creativity is an escape and one that I have been told to use more to help with my health.

I also have to pop out and get my prescription after my doctor appointment. But it will be a good break in the day and I will be able to come home and get back writing. I also want to do some more of the university non-fiction writing that I have been doing. I have finished one document a and am almost half way through the second. I think trying to balance both the fiction and the non-fiction writing is going to be the best way to conquer both.

I also want to upload a new piece to my Inkitt account. It will be a poetry piece and it will be one that I have already uploaded on the poetry section of this website. I just have not decided which piece it is going to be yet. I will have a think about it throughout the day and upload towards the end of the day. I also want to think about some new pieces of poetry to write as well as some new short stories. I’m thinking about doing a short story based off the current novel that I am writing. Sort of a glimpse of the life of the main character before the novel.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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