I completely forgot

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday, I completely forgot that today I am going to London instead of the art group.


I’m going to London to see a play at the Barbican. We are leaving in the afternoon and getting the train to London. There is a group of four of us going. I am not sure if we are meeting anyone up there. It completely slipped my mind and I did not realise until my mum mentioned it this morning. I am looking forward to it, as it is by the same theatre group that I saw in the summer. It is the Royal Shakespeare Company and they always put on a good production. We will be coming back from London late evening. I think we are going to get a meal first and then go to see the play.

So, I am not going to the art group. But that is okay, as I did go to the creative writing group yesterday. Even though, I didn’t go for the whole two hours. This morning I have been reading a non-fiction book called “Chasing the Scream” by Johann Hari. It’s about the war on drugs and how over the last hundred years we have got it completely wrong. I read his other book “Lost Connections” a little while ago and enjoyed that one as well. I will take a book with me to read on the train, but I suspect that we will end up talking the whole way there.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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