Weekend writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’m back from London and tired as it was a long day but a good day nonetheless.


The production last night was very good and I was glad that I went to see it. We all had a good time and a good laugh. It was a good evening. Now that I am back home I am going to be writing today. I have many things that I need to write and get on with. It the main thing that I want to do is the novel. As it is the biggest project that I have on the moment and therefore it takes the most time. I will finish off the plan that I started and then get on with the final chapter. Even though it is not the final chapter that I have to write: it is just the one that is going around in my head currently.

I also want to start some research for the book chapter that I am doing with a friend. I cannot go into the university on Monday because I am in London again. I will see if I can make it in on Tuesday or at least make sure that I do some of it at home. I also have the other research to type up. It is talking a long as I am having to transcribe from a audio file. But I am determined to do them and get them sent off to the researcher. I will also try and do some of this over the weekend as well as in the week.

I also want to get in some more reading today as well. I want to read both some fiction and non-fiction as I want to try and balance both. I do have a fiction book started, so, that is the one that I will continue with. I also want to relax a little as the week has been so up and down emotionally. And I have been told that I need to be kinder to myself and allow myself to chill. So, I will probably get in some drumming and maybe some gaming. Just stuff that will allow me to relax and get rid of any stress that I may have. It should be a good day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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