Harry Potter Studio

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday was the best day ever, we all had such a good time at the Harry Potter studio tour.


We got there early and were able to go on an earlier tour. We had, for disability reasons, our own tour guide. His name was Luke and he was really nice. He was really well informed on all the stuff about Harry Potter as well as the behind the scenes stuff as well. It took us hours to go round all of the sites and see all of the stuff they had on display. Even though we had the tour guide, I know that we didn’t see any of it. But we saw a lot more than we would have if we did not have the guide. It was such a good day. We had a break half way through for a butter beer and they are so nice. We ended up leaving after six pm.

When we got home we were exhausted. We ended up ordering some food in. There was a plan to watch the Harry Potter films throughout the night. But as I write this I don’t know if that is going to happen. I have a busy day today and I think I might have to try and get some sleep instead. But the idea is good and maybe we will watch one of the films, instead of all eight.

Today, I am back in muggle land and having to go to regular appointments and meetings. It will be a long day in some respects, but compared to today it will be rather short. I have a meeting that I have to go to. I don’t want to but it has been made clear that faces must be shown. It’s only an hour and I can come home afterwards. When I am at home I have some writing to catch up on. I’m also out for the rest of the week, but that is okay. As long as I get in some rest.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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