Back Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve had two to three days where I have not done anything because of a cold. But I need to now get back on with things and get writing.


Today, I need to get back writing. I can not afford to get another day behind. It’s enough that I am not going to the university today, so I need to start writing again. I only did a bit of reading over the weekend and nothing else except for sleep. The first thing that I need to look at is the book chapter that I am co authoring with a friend and get in contact with her. I need to arrange the proposal for when we next meet, which is likely to be next week and get it emailed off so that she has it in advance. I’m hoping that it will be a fairly easy task to get on with and that I don’t find it too taxing. As my brain still feels like cold infested gloop.

I also have to pop out to see the doctor and go to the square to get my prescription made up. But that is not until the middle of the afternoon and I am making myself get up in the morning and start writing. Otherwise the pile of things that I have to do is just going to get higher and higher until it is taller than me. But it will be good to get out of the bourse for a little bit. I have not been out since Friday and it will be good to stretch my legs. When I get home afterwards I will try and get on with some more writing. But it will depend on how I am feeling and if I need to rest.

In the morning, I also want to get on with some of the other documents that I have to do for the university as well as some novel writing. I am yet to finish the chapter that I have been writing and I really want to get it finished. I have been thinking a lot about the novel and how to put in plot twists and whether or not I leave some loose ends for a potential sequel. I have not completely decided yet. So, it should be a good day and hopefully one where I am feeling a lot better.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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