Keeping busy

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I am going to be keeping busy. Trying not to think about some of the stuff that I have on my mind.


I have some medical complaints that are giving me some anxiety currently. And if you want to know more, please check my other blog here. What I need to do, to keep this anxiety at bay, is to keep myself distracted and to do this by any means possible. So, today, I am going to be writing some more. I started on one project yesterday and got some of it done. Now I need to continue it and get a plan together and then catch up on some other writing that needs to be done. I think the worst thing for me right now is to just sit and watch television, as it will allow my mind to wonder and I will start thinking about things.

I also want to continue on with the novel, which is something that I didn’t get a chance to do yesterday. As by the time I went out and ran some errands when I got home I was exhausted. So, stopped for the day. But writing some more of the novel will make me think about my characters and scenes and that will occupy me for a long time. Even when I am not writing I am constantly thinking about it. I also want to do some things that are going to relax me and these are things such as getting in some drum practice and gaming. They will help me to unwind and chill for a bit, but also keep me busy and make me think about what I am doing rather than about anything else.

Overall, I want to have a productive day and get on with some tasks that I have let pile up. One of the things that I need to do is to look at PhD applications for next year. They are released this time of year and I am going to apply again. I’m looking at universities in London. And one of the things that I need to do is write a second proposal as I have two potential research areas. I am hopeful that I will be successful this time around. I just need to not leave everything to the last minute. It is a bad habit that I cannot seem to break.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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