Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, is going to be more of the same as yesterday. Where I read and write throughout the day.


Although I have both reading and writing to do today, I am going to be focusing more on writing. As I spent a lot of time reading yesterday. And did not write as much as I hoped to. Even though I had slept the night before, yesterday, I was very tired and ended up reading as it took up less concentration then the writing that I have to do. The main thing that I have to write today is the proposal extension for the book chapter and how we are going to plan it out. As I should be meeting with the co author on Monday morning. It will probably take up most of the day as there is a lot to do and research to be done.

If I get a chance I will also take a look at the novel, although, I don’t know how much time I will be able to spend on it. Compared to the book chapter it is lower on the priority list. Purely because of the deadline that we have for the book chapter. As during the week we heard from the editor of the book outlining what needed to be contained in the chapter and when the chapter needs to be written by. And although, we do have a good chunk of time, I know that it will go quickly. Whereas, the novel does not have a publisher or anything like that so I can write it when I want to or have time to.

Also, again if I have time, I need to start looking at PhD studentships. They all come out around this time of year for the next academic year. And I need to get my second proposal written and edited. This is also something that can take up a lot of time and I have different deadlines depending on different universities. I do want to get some more reading done as well. Most likely in the evening to relax. I am getting towards half way through “Killing Commendatore” by Haurki Murakami. It’s a really good book and I am enjoying it, but it is long and very detailed and that can make it harder to read at points.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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