Day at home

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, is going to be a day at home looking at a computer screen.


I am at home with no appointments, but that doesn’t mean that I do not have stuff to do; I do. I have a ton of computer stuff to do and will be spending the day mostly looking at it and writing. I also have to dust off the files from my masters degree and look at one of the modules that I took and reacquaint myself with the content. As my PhD proposal is looking at equality and mental health, so, I need to look at the material again, as it has been a few years. Once I have done that I will be also looking at the book chapter and try to figure out a plan for it. So that, when I go back to the university we can get researching and writing. As I know that the deadline is going to sneak up on us.

I also have a mountain of reading to do. And there is a book that I want to finish before the new year ends. I am just over half way through the book, so, I want to get it finished. I have plenty of other books that I want to read afterwards. I also have to start thinking about some fiction writing as well. As it is the start of the new year tomorrow and I said that I would start fiction writing again in the new year. I have some ideas for some poetry that I want to write and I need to go back to the novel. I am hoping that it will feel more fresh when I go back to writing it.

The day though, will not be all computer screens and writing. There are some more fun things that I want to do as well. The main thing being some gaming. I have some new games that I need to at least install and start them. I want to relax a bit so that I don’t go into the new year stressed. I also want to stay up and see the new year in. So, that maybe the time when I get in some gaming. As during the day it will just be used as a distraction and then I would not get anything done.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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