Writing weekend

Hey everyone, how are you?

It is going to be a long writing weekend, as long as the headache that has plagued me for the last thirty six hours goes.


Writing has been hard over the last thirty six hours as I have had a headache that will not go away. I have taken all the prescribed medication I can and it is still pounding away. But I have writing that needs to be done, so, I am going to have to push through and get on with it. As I do not have the time to sit and not do anything. There are two main things that I need to get done over the weekend. The first being my PhD proposal and the second being a plan for the book chapter. Yesterday, I did spend time looking up various legislation for my PhD proposal (it’s law based) and printed off some things to read. Now, I need to sit and read through them and see how I can put this proposal together. I also need to do some journal research and narrow done my broad idea to a specific topic.

The proposal is one of two that I am submitting for a PhD place. My other proposal is very niche and I have been rejected by universities in the past purely because they did not have the right staff to supervise such an idea. So, this time I wanted to have a back up. For the book chapter, I am going to be having a meeting with the person that I am writing it with on Monday. So, there is not too much to do over the weekend. I mostly, want to reread our proposal and get some ideas down, so that, I have something to contribute on Monday. It should be a good and productive weekend.

Although writing is the main thing that I want to do over the weekend. I do also want to get in some reading as well. And by this I mean reading for pleasure, rather than reading for research. I have two books that I am reading at the moment, one non-fiction and one fiction. Both books I am at the start of, as I have only been able to read a little over the past few days because of my headache. But I have a goal of reading sixty to eighty books this year, so, I cannot leave them collecting dust. This is the amount that I normally read within a year. Except for last year where things were quite rough for me in my personal life and it stopped me from reading as much. So, I want to get back on it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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