Doing what I can

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I am going to be at home and I am going to do what I can; despite the pain I am in.


Lately I have been reading a lot as it is the only thing that I have been able to do. I have read about seven books so far this year. Most of them in the last few days. But today, as well as reading I am going to try and do some writing. So that, things don’t pile up too much over the weekend. The writing that I am going to be focusing on is the book chapter and the PhD proposal. The book chapter hopefully won’t take up that much of my time. This is because the main thing that I need to do is read and go through some academic articles that I have downloaded and printed off. I will then need to add them to the research grid that I have started. I want to get that finished so that I can email it off to the person that I am writing the chapter with.

I then really need to get on with the PhD proposal. I am going to draft something by hand and see how it turns out. I think that it will be better to have something down on paper and feel as though it is progressing, rather than having it all in my head. It will also be good to see what I am currently thinking about the topic (equality and the law in relation to mental health). It should be a good and slightly productive, when compared to the rest of the week. Where I have just been in too much pain to do anything. One of the reasons that I am hopeful for today, is that I will have slept because I have been given some sleeping tablets by my doctor. Having some decent sleep will help with both the pain and my mental health.

If I get the chance and if my head is not too bad, then I will get some gaming done when I have finished the writing. I have wanted to game all week. But there has been no way that my head could have coped with it. But having slept I’m hoping that things will not be too bad today. I will also get on with some fiction reading as I am really enjoying that at the moment. I am currently reading “One Good Deed” by John Niven. What I have read so far I have enjoyed and I have also enjoyed some of his previous books.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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