Hey everyone, how are you?

I’ve had to make some changes to what I am doing today, as there are not enough hours in the day.


I was meant to be going to the creative writing group, but after thinking it through and considering all the little things that I need to do before and after the group; it is not feasible to make it on time. And complete everything that needs to be done. I hate the fact that I am not going as that will be the second one in a row that I will have missed. But there was just not enough time. As I needed to get something to eat, get there, go to the group, get back, feed the cat and then get out again and into the city centre for a certain time. It was just not all going to fit in and would have just stressed me out. That I would have ended up being anxious and grumpy. Which is not pleasant for me or the people I’m around. By taking the group off the table, I now have a lot more time to get all these small things done. And I am also able to get some non-fiction writing done in the mean time.

So, this is just a little update on what is happening for me today. I aim to get some fiction writing done before the group next week, which I will ensure that I attend. As I have a meeting that day at the same place as the group. So, I can just go from one to the other easily.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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