Sleep deprived

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am still sleep deprived as I am nearing 72 hours of mostly being awake. I am getting a couple of hours here and there.


Today, I will be at home trying to dig myself out of a writing mess that I have created. I have so many projects to get on with that it is hard to know which one to do first. The thing that I am going to do, which I have done before, is write a to do list. As I can figure out from that what needs to be done first. The list is going to be long but there will be some “quick wins” that I can do on to bring it down. Mostly, I will be sat at my desk today writing but that is fine. I will probably try and get some sleep during the day unless a miracle happens and I sleep when this blog goes live. I will probably do this in the morning as that is when I feel the most tired as I have been awake all night. I don’t have to go out today, but I may do just to get some fresh air as I have been in all weekend. But it will depend on the weather.

I will also be reading during the day and night as well. I finished one book yesterday and have moved onto another one. I always have two books on the go at the same time. One fiction and one non-fiction. I have read around fifteen books so far this year. I find an escape in reading as I can immerse myself in the words that the author has used in both fiction and non-fiction. Alongside reading, I will also be getting in some gaming, which I love to do for similar reasons about being completely taken in by the game story and the graphics. But my main priority for today will be writing, as I have spent all weekend reading.

I really hope that I sleep soon. As I write this I am starting to feel tired and it is getting harder to concentrate. Even if I just get a couple of hours it will be better than nothing.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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