Busy day

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today is going to be a mega busy day, but I will be able to get some writing in as I am going to the creative writing group.


The day starts off busy as I have to take the cat to the vet in the morning. Nothing serious, she is just due her health check and her yearly vaccinations. It is in the morning, as I am out in the afternoon, for most of it and will not be back until the evening. She will not be happy with a trip to the vets but it is for her own good. I also need to run an errand at the same high street where the vet is as there was a mistake at the pharmacy yesterday. They just need to swap something over. It should not take too long. I will have some time in between before I have to go out again. But not enough to actually start anything. If I can I will squeeze in some drum practice, but I am not certain if there will be time to get a solid practice session in.

In the afternoon, I am going to the recovery centre to see my lead practitioner. I will be with her for about an hour. And there are some things that we need to discuss. Afterwards, I will be going straight on to the creative writing group, which will be for two hours. I need to make it all the way through the group, as I only went to half of it last week. I don’t know what exercises they will be getting us to do during the group but I am looking forward to it. And it will give me a chance to think of the novel and the new short story that I am planning. I don’t have any anxiety about the group and the reason I did not stay for the whole of the group last week, is because I was in physical pain. The group is always very supportive and I am always happy to share my work there if it is appropriate.

When I get home, I know that I will be tired. I will want to relax and get in some more gaming. I am half way through the game that I am playing at the moment. And am really enjoying the story line as well as the graphics. I also want to get in some reading as well. I have been told to not look at screen for ninety minutes before going to bed, so that will be a great time to read. I will probably alternate between a fiction and non-fiction book. As I am reading both at the moment. So, it will be a busy day but a good productive one. But I know that I will be happy when it is done.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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