Weekend ideas

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s the weekend and I have some ideas of what I am going to be doing.


The ideas that I have for this weekend are split into three areas.

  • Gaming.
  • Writing.
  • Six nations rugby.

These are things that are going to be keeping me entertained throughout the weekend and as well as resting I will also hope that it will be a productive one also. Firstly, I will be gaming in the mornings and maybe some of the evenings. My aim is to finish the main story of the current game (Yakuza 6) that I am playing. I currently only have a few more chapters to complete, so it is very doable. And if I get the time I will also do some of the side missions as well. But the main aim is to finish the main storyline.

The writing I will do in the afternoon, like I did in the week. It will be combined with the third thing on the list, which is watching the six nations rugby. I always like to write with some background noise on, but the six nations is something that I have started watching every year. And of course I am behind England to win. I will write whilst the other games are on, but will stop and watch the England game. It should be a good match and we are going to bring home the win. Writing wise, I will be finishing off my mental health story and editing and typing it up. So, it will be easy enough to do and I am hoping that I can get it done over the weekend and email it off first thing Monday morning.

If I get the chance in the evenings when I am not looking at any screens I’d like to get some more reading in. Although, it will depend on how I am feeling as I may want to listen to music or a podcast instead. But reading will be my first choice. As I have books that I am in the middle of and want to finish. So, that, I can move onto new books that have piled up around my room. Also reading, will help with the writing that I am doing. As well as any future writing that I will do. It should be a good weekend and I am looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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