Writing until…

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have been writing until my hand cramped up and then wrote some more until I had finished my mental health story.


Yesterday I wrote and wrote until my hand cramped up. But I pushed through and wrote some more. I was not happy until my mental health story first draft was finished. It was my aim for the day, to finish the first draft. And I did it, I was happy with how it turned out. And now I am leaving it overnight, so that, today I can sit and edit it. I brought up a lot of things but I have been able to deal with it and not let it get to me. Even thought some of the things have been quite triggering. I am happy that it is done. It is longer than expected, almost ten pages written by hand. And I have small handwriting, so, I have no idea what it is going to be when it is typed up. I cannot event guess a word count. But if I had to I’d say it would be a couple of thousand.

Today, it is about the editing and the type up. Ideally, I would leave it longer before editing. But we have a deadline, that is not negotiable, so, I need to get it typed and emailed as soon as possible. I know that I not going to be able to do it all today and that I will have to continue it on tomorrow. But that is okay as long as I can get it emailed at some point on Monday I will be happy. I will be focusing purely on the edit and the type up and will not be looking at any other writing until it’s done.

I have found that my new routine has really helped me to get back writing properly. So, I will be continuing it for the foreseeable. There will be times where I will have to change it for a day or two. But for the most part it is a workable routine. It also leaves me the evening to read. Which is something that I am enjoying doing. I have almost finished the non-fiction book that I am reading and am just under three quarters of the way through the fiction book. I want to finish the non-fiction book over this weekend. Alongside the writing that is my aim for the weekend. It has been a good weekend so far, as I have been achieving what I have set out to achieve.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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