Writing and Gaming

Hey everyone, how are you?

Things are good for me at the moment and I am liking being in a good place.


Today, I am going to be writing. I am going to be writing a review for the video game that I completed yesterday. I am wanting to improve my way of writing reviews. So, am writing them and then sending them to a friend for feedback. I wrote a review for another game that I played and at the time I was happy with it, but after thinking about it and getting feedback, I found that their were a lot of things that I need to improve on. When I have finished the review, as I am not anticipating that it is going to take me long. I will go back to the short story that I started on Friday. I am still at the start of the first draft and I don’t know how much I will get done today. But I am enjoying writing the short story and seeing how it develops.

Aside from writing, I will be gaming in the morning. I am starting a new game in the Yakuza series. I am looking forward to it and loving the series more and more after each game I play. I have completed three of the games and have four more to play. I like the storylines of the games and seeing how the characters develop throughout them. It is also a way of getting my brain focused for the day ahead. Which is something that I have mentioned in previous blogs. Writing and gaming has taken over my life and it is what I am doing most days.

I am also feeling happy within myself. I have another blog, which is about mental health, which I am open about. I have written on their that things are good at the moment and long may it continue. Although I know that the good times cannot live forever. There is not much else that I am doing today except for what I have already mentioned. I also don’t have a busy week in terms of appointments coming up, so, I will be able to get more writing done in the week ahead which I am looking forward to.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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