Weekend Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s the weekend and after a relativity free week in terms of appointments I am still going to be writing throughout the weekend.


I will be writing throughout the weekend, getting on with some of the projects that I am involved in. Yesterday, I did not write as much as I anticipated as I was reading instead. So, I have some writing to catch up on. But that is okay as I have no reason to go out this weekend. So, I have the whole weekend to write. I want to try and finished the latest transcribing documents that I am doing. It is the thing that is going to take the most time so and I am aiming to try and do one a week until they are finished. I have about five more to do. So, that is going to be me for the next five weeks. But once they are done I know that it will be a load off of my mind. They are frustrating to do but I agreed to do them so I will complete them.

Other writing that I want to look at over the weekend include the book chapter and the short story. With the book chapter I need to see what I need to do and then email the person I am writing it with to see when we should next meet up. I have done the bulk of the stuff for the chapter that was assigned to me but I know that there is one thing outstanding. So, going to look at that and hopefully it will not take too long. With the short story I am just chipping away at it writing when I can. I am happy with how it is turning out and I know now that it will be in chapters and I hope to have the first chapter up soon. Hopefully in the next week, but the next week is busy for me in terms of appointments and that may make it harder to do. But I am going to try.

Alongside the writing, I will be reading over the weekend as well. I am still reading the fiction and non-fiction books that I have already mentioned. Although I am wanting to finish them over the weekend. I had a new book come at the end of last week. It was an impulse buy after chatting to the author on Instagram. The main character intrigued me as it is not the type of main character that I have come across before and I want to see how it is dealt with. The book is called “Dappled” by Lisa Brown. It be the next fiction book that I will read. And I am looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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