Hey everyone, how are you?

Being focused and self disciplined is becoming harder the longer that I am in the house.


Today, I need to be more self disciplined and focus more on getting things done, rather than being lazy. I have become demotivated and am getting a sense of cabin fever being in the house so much. In the UK the restrictions do allow you to go out for an hour of exercise. But I don’t go out generally if I have no reason to do so. And currently, with everything either cancelled or going on over the phone I have had no reason to go out. When I wake in the morning, I just have no motivation to get up and start doing stuff that need to be done. I have no focus or structure to the day. I am completely out of routine. I know that part of it is due to my mental Health swinging from one extreme to the other, but also, I just don’t want to do anything. But today, this needs to change otherwise I am just going to get stressed about the things that I need to do.

So, today I will ensure that I get back into routine of gaming in the morning and writing in the afternoon. I will also ensure that I go out and get some fresh air for a little bit which will help improve my mood and give me more drive. Writing wise, I will need to look at some journals that have been uploaded for the book chapter. I am having a meeting at the end of the week with the person that I am writing the chapter with, so, need to be prepared for that. It won’t take me too long to read through the journals, so that will leave me some time to do some other things. I am thinking that I will look at the short story and write some more of it. It is what I was supposed to do yesterday. So, it will be a way of catching up with things.

I will be gaming in the morning, I have been feeling so low that gaming has been the last thing that I have wanted to do. So, even if I have to force myself I will do some today. As it is the start of my routine and if I don’t start my routine then I won’t do the rest of it. Once I have done some gaming and get into that mindset I know that the rest of the day will be okay. I have also started some new books and that has helped me a bit. But I am not reading the amount each day that I normally do. So, I need to get that back into focus and read some more.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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