Productivity Up

Hey everyone, how are you?

Over the last twenty four hours my productivity level has gone up.


Yesterday, I had an online meeting and it went really well. We have set out some plans for the next couple of days and we are going to have another online meeting next week. I have a lot of things to look up and research and I am looking forward to it. I also managed to go out after the meeting and get some food in. It is stuff my mum and I need over the next week. It was a little crazy but not as bad as I thought it would be. When I got back I had a rest and spoke to a couple of friends. One of them was over video chat and it was really good to see them. It was good to be able to get out of bed and not feel as bad as I have the previous days. And to get the meeting done was a massive step forward for me. I want to continue this over the weekend and into next week.


Today, I am sticking to the gaming and writing routine. I had an early meeting yesterday so could not game. So, I want to get some gaming in this morning and get back into my routine. I will then get on with some writing. I may do some of the book chapter as I have things to research and email over to the person that I am writing the chapter with. I have access to the journals but not to download them, so will email the title and author over and get round it that way. It will be good to do this and try and get back to usual self. I am hoping that now I have been out I will be okay, but only time will tell. I also want to get some more reading in when I have done the gaming and the writing. As it will be a good way to relax and chill.

I am hoping that it will be a good day, but only time will tell. I have also been listening to podcasts more as I find them very relaxing. I have found a good podcast series called “Feel Better Live More.” I listened to one the other night and I felt really calm and chilled. And that is not something I have been for a while. So, I am going to listen to more and hope that it continues to help. I have listened to podcasts before but I never make time for them like I do music. I usually listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast and there are some that I want to listen to. I can sometimes just be a matter of time, as some podcasts can be long and sometimes do not save where you are which makes it harder to go back to it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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