Week 2 of Lockdown

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s the second week of the official lockdown, but I have been self isolating for a few weeks more.


The lockdown in the UK has been in force for a week now. But I have been self isolating or social distancing for a few weeks more because of underlying health conditions. That as soon as the Coronavirus became big I had to isolate. Today, it is a new week after what has been a hellish weekend, where I was unable to do anything productive. So, today I am aiming to try and start the week in a better place. I have things that I need to do and they won’t wait for me to come out of my dark place. I am aiming to start the day by gaming and getting back into the gaming and writing routine that had been working so well for me. I’m hoping that I will have had a good night of sleep and that I can hit the ground running. At some point, hopefully in the afternoon, as I am not good in the morning my doctor will be calling to see how the weekend went and how I am.

In the afternoon I will be doing the research that I was meant to have done yesterday for the book chapter. I’m hoping that it won’t take me too long to do. It is essentially a literature review. I can’t access the full journals from home, but the university is closed. So, I am going to have to email the links to my friend who can access them from home. It’s a long way round but I’m hoping that it will work. It will just be good to get a list of potential journals so that I can build up the bibliography. I know who I am searching for and the area so it should not be too taxing. Depending on when my doctor calls will depend on whether I go out. I need to get a repeat prescription done, so will ask for it when he rings. I think it might be good for me to go out. I went out at the end of last week and it did improve my mood.

When I am done with the gaming and the writing, I will chill. The one thing that I was able to do over the weekend was read a bit. It was hard to do, but I managed to get a bit done. I am enjoying the fiction book that I have started and want to start the non-fiction book as well. I have been listening to music and podcasts a lot lately and I am wanting to listen to some more. I have found some good podcasts and they have some interesting topics. I find that they help me to keep calm when I am having a lot of anxiety. The only trouble I have with some of the podcasts that I listen to is that they can be long and some do not save the place your at if you pause it. It can be very frustrating. I will also do some drumming at some point as well, which also helps when I am in a bad place with my mental health.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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