My Brain Is Fried

Hey everyone, how are you?

Yesterday I spent so much time researching that at the end it felt as though my brain was fried.


I am doing some research for the book chapter, it is on one of five areas. I spent a lot of time looking up academic articles and making mind maps so that I can start to sit and write this part of the chapter. By the evening, my brain was at capacity and could not take any more in. I was tired and starting to get irritated by it all. Which is not something that I want to do as overall I am really enjoying the chapter that I don’t want it to become an annoyance. So, I decided to stop for the evening and go back to it over the weekend. Rather than today, as I want to just chill today as it has been a long week and I have other things that I need and want to do. Also, if I do not give myself a break I will burn myself out and that will impact both my physical and mental health. So, it is in my best interest to have a day away from it and get on with other projects.

Today, I need to go out and pick up the weekly shop for my mum and then go and collect the remainder of my prescription from the pharmacy. As they did not have it all when I went to the pharmacy on Wednesday. Aside from that I am going to be home and writing and relaxing. I want to get some writing and mind maps made of the short story so that I have it all clear in my head and on paper before I write any more of it. As I have so many little ideas of how I could add to it that I don’t want to write it in then forget, I’d rather have a visual reminder of it. I am dyslexic so visual aids are really useful to me. And I am still loving having the mind map software again. It is so useful and easy to use.

I also want to chill today and relax as well. I know that going out is going to raise my anxiety. So, I want to spend a good amount of time doing things like gaming and drumming that are going to relax me and help me to think more clearly. The drumming is going really well and I am still enjoying it a lot. I don’t know when my next lesson will be. But that’s okay, as it gives me more time to get the things my teacher has asked me to do done and done well. Rather than try and rush to learn it and then getting frustrated when I cannot get it done. Also, getting in some gaming will be a nice change. I have not done any for a while. I did think about doing some yesterday, but got wrapped up in the research I was doing. So, getting in some gaming would be nice. It should be a good day and a nice change of pace when compared to the rest of the week.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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