Lockdown Week 5

Hey everyone, how are you?

We are still in lockdown in the UK and each day is just blurring into one.


Today, I am going to be writing for a good chunk of the day. I spent the weekend writing and although I got a lot done, I still have more to do. So, I will be continuing on with it and hopefully will finish what I need to do for the book chapter meeting on Wednesday. I’m sure that what I have done so far will be enough, but I want to continue on and do more as it is helping me cope with things at the moment. I have just thrown myself into writing and it helps to keep me occupied throughout the day. I am also planning out the chapters of the short story and the novel using the Inspiration software that I got last week. And it is really helping. So, I should be writing more of both this week. It is so good to be writing so much and planning and just getting on with things. It helps not just with my mental health conditions but also with the monotonous routine of the lockdown.

I do have to go out today and collect some medication from the pharmacy. I won’t be put for long. I was meant to do it at the end of the last week but didn’t. And if I don’t do it today then I will run out. So, I will walk to the high street and pick it up and then get the bus back. I think that it will be good to get out of the house for a little bit. And I know that there are people who cannot go out because of this Coronavirus, so, am feeling lucky that I can go out. I will also see if my mum and I need anything whilst I am out as well, as that will save me having to go out later on in the week. The walk will also do me good both physically and mentally. I will just put my music on and walk. It is not too long of a walk down there.

The other thing that I am going to be doing today is some drumming. I am keeping up with drumming two to three times a day. And I am still seeing improvement in my playing. And each day I am able to do a little bit more. I am using the metronome each day and it is something that I use to hate using. But I am getting more and more use to it now. I have been speaking to my friend who is also my drum teacher and we are going to arrange a lesson for this week. It will depend on his and his wife’s work and when they are free. But drumming is really enjoyable and I am listening to more and more music and trying to figure out the beats. Even if I know that they are beyond my skill set, it is something that I will be able to do in the future.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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