A Day At Home

Hey everyone, how are you?

After being able to go out yesterday, today, I have a day at home.


I have two main goals to be done today, they are:

  1. Complete the book chapter work for meeting tomorrow.
  2. Have my phone session with my key worker.

Once these two things have been achieved I will be able to chill for the rest of the day. The book chapter is still coming along nicely. I have finished the mind maps for one of the sections and now am drafting that part of the chapter. I am doing this by hand, in that I am bullet pointing out the key things. And then I am typing it up. It’s a dyslexic friendly way of doing it. Rather than trying to write it off the top of my head and end up staring at a blank page for ages. I have a good idea of what needs to go in and what I can use from my mental health narrative. So, it should not take too long to do as it is mostly a case of just padding out the mind maps and bullet points that I have made. Once it is done I will be able to upload it onto Microsoft Teams, so, that it is ready for tomorrow.

The second thing is to have a phone call with my key worker. It is set of a time in the afternoon, but have been told that it could be earlier or later than the time stated. It will be good to talk about some things that have been going on in my life over the last week. As it has been quite stressful and it has had an impact on many aspects of my life. It will be good to talk it through and get a professional opinion on it all. The conversation will last for up to an hour and there is always a way that I can get extra support if I feel I need it over the next week. I have also been getting a lot of headaches and I know that it is tension and stress. So, I am hoping that talking it all through will help with those as well. Once these two things are done I can chill for the rest of the day and try to relax.

Aside from the two things that I have mentioned the only other thing that I need to do is my drum practice. But it is only a couple of hours split up throughout the day. I practice three times a day and it is now part of my routine and I am enjoying it. When I have some time to chill I want to read some more. I have started reading late at night and I want to read more during the day rather than just staring at a screen all day. I am currently reading “Fan” by Danny Rhodes. It’s really interesting and is based on real life events. It is about football and that is something that I have followed since a young child. A friend got me the book as they knew that I had been after it for ages. I am also reading “A Ling Walk To Freedom” by Nelson Mandela. I have not got far into it, but am determined to read it. Even if it takes me the rest of the year.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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