More Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

After starting some writing yesterday, today, I am continuing on with it.


Yesterday I started making some mind maps for the ideas I had in my head. Getting them out of my head and onto paper helped me to organise them. Once all of the mind maps are done I will be able to start writing the prose. It will be a good feeling to start writing the prose and it will be helpful to my mood. So, I want to spend the day finishing off the mind maps as I could not finish them yesterday. I also need to do some writing for the book chapter and keep on with it. I have a meeting next week and I want it have something to show for it. I have done all of the mind maps for it, so, I just need to sit and write it now. I did try to do some yesterday and it was hard. Not because of the content that I need to write, but because of the head space that I am in.

There are other thing that I want to do as well as writing today. I need to get in my drum practices throughout the day. I practice three times a day and I am hoping to have a lesson soon. I also want to film some drum stuff for my personal Instagram page. I have been learning new rudiments and beats. It will all depend on time as I want to spend most of the day writing. Drumming is really helping with my mood as it allows me to channel that negative energy into something positive. And I can do it until my wrists ache and it feels as though I have done a work out. I have also been reading some more and I want to get another chunk of the fiction book that I am reading done by the end of the weekend. I want to get over half way through the book.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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