Only Time Will Tell

Hey everyone, how are you?

I maybe going back to The Haven tonight, it depends if there is a space available.

Mental Health

Yesterday was a really bad day from the moment that I woke up. I was also in a lot of pain, which did not help at all. I had a session with my key worker and in my opinion it did not go well. I started to really freak out like I did at the weekend and I ended up calling the emergency mental health services. Who got in contact with my lead practitioner. They called The Haven and they are happy to have me again, but if they do not have a space when I ring tonight, then I may have to go to A&E. Which is not something I am liking the prospect of and I do not know if I will go if that is the case. The Haven is plan A and A&E is my plan B. Essentially The Haven is an A& R space for mental health. It is quiet and safe rather than the busyness of A&E. When I was there over the weekend, I felt calm and safe.

But as I write this I have no idea what is going to happen. It will be known when this blog goes live at midnight. I really hope that I am in The Haven. If I am then I will not be back home until sometime today. You can stay there for up to twenty three hours. I will have to take my medication with me and they will give it to me as and when it is needed. It means (if it happens) that I will have to miss my meeting in the morning about the book chapter, but I will text the friend that I am writing it with and explain and I know that she will be okay with it. She already knows that I was in at the weekend and said then not to worry that we are ahead of schedule and health is more important.

I have no idea what today will bring. If I can’t get into The Haven then there has been talk of being referred to the crisis team or a formal hospital admission. Another thing that is being done is that the consultant psychiatrist that I see is being emailed to see if there can be a medication review. Which I think maybe beneficial in order to make me more stable. Like I say everything is up in the air and only time will tell to see what happens.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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