Day 2 Of Rest

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am on my second of two days of rest since coming out of the hospital.


I am not very good at resting, as I find it hard not to be doing anything. But this week has taught me that I need to get better at it and look after myself more. I will not be writing today, as it is something, that although I love, can be a stressor for me. I am going to start writing again over the weekend. I think one of the reasons that I ended up back in the hospital is because I tried to do too much too soon. And it led to a bit of burnout, although that is not the whole reason for my time in hospital. The good thing is that the book chapter that I am co writing is ahead of schedule so, I can leave it until the weekend. I also have not forgotten about the fiction pieces that I have started. These again will be looked at over the weekend and it is something that I am really looking forward to.

One thing that I am doing some more of is reading. I have finished the current fiction book that I have been reading. And I am about to start another non-fiction book. It is one that the doctor has asked me to read as he thinks that it will help with my mental health. There is also a podcast that goes along with it. So, I am going to start listening to that as well. I think that it will be interesting and will help me with some of the thoughts that I have been having. I enjoy reading a lot, but there are times when I find it hard and not just because of my dyslexia. My concentration and focus goes from time to time and it can be hard to get back into that mind set. I don’t know how much reading I will get done and I am not going to set a target for it either.

The one thing that I will be doing today, is drumming. As drumming is something that I feel as though I can do. I drummed a little yesterday and it felt good to get back into it. I didn’t do much, I am going to build it back up again as I started to do after my first hospital admission. I will get back into playing three times a day at the start of next week. As it is an integral part of my daily routine. And it has been odd to not drum, although, I have found myself tapping a lot. I have been listening to music as well and that is a great release for me. I love listening to all aspects of music, not just the drums. I’m hoping that today will be good and that life will continue to improve.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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