Online Meeting

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have a meeting online this morning, after missing one last week because I was unwell.


The meeting is in the morning, but that is okay, even though I am not a morning person. I can go back to sleep afterwards. One of the benefits of doing everything from home at the moment. The meeting won’t be that long, maybe half an hour and it is about the book chapter. Yesterday, I finished typing up what I had drafted out and uploaded it to Microsoft Teams. The current section of the chapter that I am writing is no where near finished but I wanted to show that I have been thinking about it and writing about it. It was good to start typing up what I have and making changes to it so that it sounds more academic. It also gave me a chance to proof read what I had drafted by hand and there were some changes that I made. Overall, I am pleased with what I have written so far, I just hope that it is good enough.

I also made some of the changes to my mental health story. As I needed to add in a couple of things and re upload it. I don’t know why I didn’t mention the things before, as they are quite prevalent to the narrative. It was interesting to revisit what I had written and look over my own mental health story. I will also need to look at it more closely to see which bits are best to be quoted in the chapter. But I don’t have to do that yet. I need to write more of the section I am currently writing first. I want to write some more of the chapter today and get more of it done. Even though we are ahead of schedule, I do not want to get behind and end up having to rush it.

I also have a phone call today, that I cannot miss. It will be from my doctor, checking in that I am okay from last week. I have been reading the book that he recommended and am coming up to half way through it. It’s called “Feeling Good A New Mood Therapy.” By David D Burns, MD. it’s quite long for a self-help book. But it is good and I am recognising a lot of what is being said in myself and trying to learn the methods of how to change it. I know that it will not happen over night, but I am hoping that my efforts will have some impact on my mental health for the better. So, compared to yesterday, today is more of a chilled day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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