Chill Day (Kind Of)

Hey everyone, how are you?

After what has been a busy week at times, today I am going to have a chill day.


This week feels as though it has been longer than normal and I have had things on most days. So, today I want to have a chill day as much as I can. As that being said, there are still things that I want and need to do. For example, yesterday I started to tidy up my room, but did not get as far as I had hoped. So, I need to continue on with that today and get it done. It feels like a massive task but one that needs to be done as it is starting to bug me. Most of it is just a lot of sorting and filing, throwing away and or put into a bag for a charity shop. Even though they are not open at the moment because of the lockdown restrictions that are still in place currently. But it still doesn’t mean that I am looking forward to the task. There is one part that I can’t tidy up at the moment, as I need to order a bookshelf and put it together first.

Yesterday, I did get a bit of writing done on the book chapter, whilst I was in the art group. I finished reading an article and made some notes on it and how it can be referred to in the chapter. I want to get more of the chapter done over the weekend, but it will have to wait until Sunday. I will still continue to read the books that I am currently reading, as I find reading to be really relaxing. I don’t know if I will finish the self-help book over the weekend but I am going to try. The other thing that I will have to do is drum as I do not want to miss a day of drum practice. As some of the rudiments that I was struggling with are starting to come together.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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