Writing Between Appointments

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I will be writing between and after appointments.


As I didn’t write yesterday, because of other appointments and meetings. Today, I need to write to keep up with the amount that I have to do. I had an online meeting yesterday about the book chapter and it was good. We are both getting with our parts of the chapter and we will meet up again next week. I will hopefully be finishing off the section that I am on and will start the next one. I have some journals to read through, but I will probably do that over the weekend. As they can take some time to get through. Also, I don’t want to start reading for the next section when I am still writing the current section. As I don’t want to get them in a muddle. So, I will write and hopefully finish the current section and then over the weekend move onto the next one. I don’t know how much I will get done as I have some appointments today, so, I cannot spend the whole day writing.

The appointments that I have today are a group and one with my lead practitioner. I am not certain that I am going to the group though, it will depend on whether I have slept and how I am feeling in the morning. The group is an hour long and I don’t know if I would be better spending that time writing. It will all depend on how I am feeling in the morning. It’s not something that I am going to decide now. I also need to get in some drum practice as well. I didn’t drum much yesterday as after my meetings I crashed out for around two hours as I was just physically and emotionally exhausted. So, I need to get some more drumming today. It will be good to do something other than meetings and writing and drumming will help me to get rid of any excess energy.

I also want to do some more reading of fiction, but it will probably not be until the evening. It will be good to dive into a completely different world. As it will give me time to forget what is going on in this world at the moment for a little while. I am still reading “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. I am enjoying it very much still and am thinking about reading the other two books in the trilogy. I do have a non-fiction book to continue on reading as well, but I think that I want some fiction fantasy to read currently. It should be a good day and I am hoping my mood will be better now that yesterday is done with.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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