Writing And Art

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s going to be a day of combining writing with art.


I have a load of writing that I am wanting to get ahead of as we go into the weekend. As aside from the book chapter I want to get the mind maps made for the short story and the novel. As I have not had the chance this week to do them yet. I also need to make another mind map for the next section of the book chapter. I also have the current section to finish off and type up. I did not get much writing done in between my appointments yesterday and the appointments took priority, as they were health related. I will start writing in the morning and the art group is i the afternoon. I will try and write as much as I can as I want to get a good writing session in. Although, mornings are not good for me and it will depend on how well I sleep in the night. If I don’t sleep well, then it will be harder to get any good writing done.

I am not certain that I am going to be going to the art group. But it is a possibility as it is a group that I like to go to. Although I have no idea what I am going to draw or make. As it is online the group is only on for an hour and I don’t know what the plan for the group is. They are planning the online groups more than if we were going into the recovery centre art room. That doesn’t mean that I cannot do something else and just be there for the chat. I may even do some more writing when I am in the group. I think it will just be good to talk to some people and have a laugh. As I cannot go out at the moment unless it is essential. I will eventually decide around lunch time today, as like I mentioned above, it will depend on how much sleep I got during the night.

I also want to get some more drumming in throughout the day. I drummed a couple of times yesterday, but want to get a session on the kit done rather than on a singular practice pad. As there are some beats that I need to work on and get down. In the evening I am going to be reading and chilling. As I am still getting very tired very easily. I haven’t read much more of “The Hunger Games” since I last mentioned it in a blog post. I just have not been in the mood to read. But I want to get some more of it read and hopefully finished over the weekend.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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