New Week And More Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

A new week has started and there is still plenty of writing to do.


As usual I am at home today, even though lockdown is starting to ease here in the UK. I will be writing throughout the day and trying to distract myself from an appointment that I have tomorrow. Yesterday, I finished off the draft of one of the sections that I am writing for the book chapter and I just need to type it up today. I will then be moving on to the next section. I am looking forward to the next section as it is one that weaves throughout the entire chapter, so, it is rather important. I have started the mind map for it and will be finishing that before starting any writing. I feel that the chapter is starting to really take shape and that it is going to be good. I am also thinking about my PhD and doing it through publication. It is something that I am going to look into more this week.

I should have a delivery coming today, as over the weekend I ordered some drum equipment. Today it should be the hi hat stand that is arriving and I need to sort out that section of my room. So that, it will all fit nicely. Over the week my room is going to take some form of a transformation. As not only is the drum equipment coming this week but also a bookcase. I have books all over the place and a space that I am no longer using. So I am putting a bookcase there. It won’t be coming until the end of the week, but it also needs sorting out and tidying up. So, I will be getting that started today as well. I am mostly looking forward to this week and today should be a good start to it.

I will also be getting in some drum practice and some reading as well. I read and practiced over the weekend but not as much as I’d have liked. I need to up my practice a bit and get back on it. It will be easier when the hi hats arrive. As I will then have a full kit and not have to substitute a high tom drum like I have been doing. Reading wise, I should be finished with “The Hunger Games” and starting “Dear Martin.” The new book is one that I have been wanting to read for a while and I think it will be very important given what is happening in the world right now. So, today should be a good day.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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