Appointment Today

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today, I have a psychiatrist appointment this afternoon, over the phone.


The psychiatrist appointment has been causing me some anxiety for the last few days. It’s not any specific that I have to worry about but just having an appointment that causes me anxiety. It is essentially a medication review and was first suggested by a nurse when I was in The Haven. As for the last month I was very depressed and in a depressive downer and only seem to be coming out of it now. It could just be the current situation with covid and losing a friend, but it’s been six months since my last review and my depressive episodes have just got longer. So, I am wondering if the medication is no longer as effective as it has been. The appointment is in the afternoon, so, I need to keep myself occupied in the morning and try and not let the anxiety get to me too much. I have written some things down that I want to say over the phone to him, so that I don’t forget them and he has had a list of my other medications from my lead practitioner.

In the morning, I am going to be trying to keep myself occupied by writing more of the book chapter. I did have a massive nap yesterday that took up most of the afternoon, so, I do feel as though I am on the back foot a little bit. I did do a little bit in the evening yesterday, which is not what I usually do as in the evenings I like to just relax. But it was good to get something done. I may also join the a group in the morning being held by the recovery centre. It’s something that I am still thinking about and may not do, it will depend on how I am feeling in the morning and how much I have got done so far. I am also expecting a parcel today, for the drum kit and I have no idea what time that is arriving so it could be at any time.

After appointment I don’t know what I will do as it will depend on how it goes. I’m sure it will be fine, I have spoken to the psychiatrist before and he is easy to talk to. I think I will just chill and do some self-care. Or I may just throw myself into the writing that I am doing. I will have to get some more drum practice in and I also have a new book to read. So, there are plenty of things that I can do. I don’t know if my lead practitioner will want to talk about it afterwards. There are just so many unknowns at this point.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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