Virtual Frstival

Hey everyone, how are you?

This weekend, it was meant to be the Glastonwick festival. But because of the covid19 pandemic it was cancelled.


So, rather than have no festival at all, we had an online festival over the internet and Facebook. It was very good and I had some cider delivered from a local pub (thanks mum). The Glastonwick festival is on each year and always on the first weekend of June. It’s a beer and cider festival with punk rock and poetry, it is a truly awesome festival. I look forward to it every year. Although last year I was too unwell to attend I was especially looking forward to this year, so, I am glad that it was able to go ahead online. It meant that throughout the day, I was logging on to Facebook and checking out the acts, they were amazing and it was a great line up as always. Big thank you to Attila the Stockbroker and everyone else for organising it. Already stoked for next year, where global apocalypse aside we will all be back on the farm rocking out.


Today, hangover aside, it will be back to the writing of the book chapter. And inspired from yesterday, I maybe banging out a few poems, or at least drafts of potential poems. If you want to check out what I have already written, click here. I have so much on my mind with what is going on in the world right now and I want to find my voice again. I have so much that I want to get off of my chest. That it will be good to write it all down as it will also be therapeutic for me. I also need to get on with the book chapter and write some more of that as well, as we will be meeting at some point next week, probably on the Wednesday. Glastonwick always inspires me to write more and I noticed that missing the festival last year did hit me creatively.

I also need to do some more drum practice, as I am striving to improve each day. It is such a good instrument to play. And it helps with my anxiety, as I can channel the excess energy that I am feeling and get it out in a productive way. I did some practice yesterday, so, I want to build on that and play harder and more technical, move out of my comfort zone. I am really stoked to have the hi hats set up and I am now saving for another stand so that I can set up the crash or ride cymbal. It should be a good day and a nice way to round off the weekend. When it comes to the evening, I want to just chill and read for a bit. I am still reading “Dear Martin” by Nic Stone, although I am near the end of it. And I would say that it is an essential read, given the current political situation and the protests that are happening throughout the world.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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