Aiming To Upload

Hey everyone, how are you?

I realised yesterday, that I had promised to upload the first chapter of the new short story last week.

Short Story

I obviously didn’t upload the first chapter of the short story. And I am always honest with my followers and I will admit that it did slip my mind. But I have finished the draft of the first chapter, so, all I need to do is edit and upload it. I had so much on last week and many errands to do that I knew I was missing something out but just couldn’t put my finger on it. So, yesterday and today, I will be doing the editing and the typing so that it can go online on Monday. I am looking forward to uploading it and letting you all see what I have been writing. As I have mentioned before, it is different to the previous short stories that I have written. It is scary to go out of your comfort zone, but it is also something that allows you to grow as a writer. So, that is what I will be doing for the bulk of the day. If you are interested in reading what I have already written then click here.

My other aim for the day is to finish off the second of the “Hunger Games” books “Catching Fire.” I have less than a hundred and fifty pages to go. So, that will not take me long to read. I have really enjoyed reading the second book, more than I did the first book. And I have ordered the third book “Mockingjay” and I cannot wait to read it. But the estimated delivery date is not for another week, so, I will read another fiction book from the pile at the end of my bed. I think I have decided which one, but I am not going to say what it is yet. I am a massive bookworm, I don’t do online reading though because of my dyslexia. It makes the words and letters all jump around on the screen and that makes it hard to read. Plus I just don’t think you can beat that actual feel of a book in your hands.

If I get some time left over from writing then I want to get in some drumming and gaming. I did a little yesterday and it was good. I want to get a longer session of each in today. But it will all depend on how long it will take me to edit and type up the first chapter of the short story. I am still really enjoying “The Last Of Us Part II.” But I am taking my time with the game and taking in all of the details and trying to find Easter eggs that have been planted. I am not sure how long the game will take to complete but I know that I am still near the start of the game. The drumming is also going really well to, I am working on a beat to a song and I haven’t quite got it down yet. It is going to take a lot of practise and I need to listen to the track a few more times as well. But I will get it. It’s a track that I use to play before my shoulder flared up and I had to stop playing. So, I know that I can do it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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