Change Of Plan

Hey everyone, how are you?

My plan of having a computer day and then a non-computer day have had to change. As I do not have enough time to do everything by my Wednesday morning meeting.


For the majority of yesterday I was sat at my computer writing and doing some referencing. I realised in the afternoon, that I was running out of time and my headache was pounding. And that I was not going to get everything done for Wednesday morning. So, I have had to change my plan and have another computer day tomorrow. With Wednesday afternoon and the whole of Thursday being non-computer days. It is the only way that I can get everything done on my to do list. The good thing is that I spent my apologies to the meeting that I was meant to go to today, so, I have an extra hour to write. All of this writing is on the book chapter and that is what the meeting is for on Wednesday. The deadline is fast approaching as it is due middle of august so pain or no pain I have to sit and write.

The one thing that I am making sure that I do is take some breaks and do the exercises that the specialist physiotherapist wants me to do three times a day. I am also making sure that I stop when the evening hits as that is my time to rest and do some self-care. I like to unwind in the evening and most of the time I am reading with the television on in the background. I am trying to finish the third instalment of The Hunger Games book by the end of today. I was able to read a fair bit yesterday evening so I don’t think that I have much more of it to go. I am still enjoying the book, I just have piles of other books to read so do not want to spend too long on it. It is a fairly easy book to read as well which allows me to read it faster than I normally would.

I probably will not have time to look at any writing of the short story or the novel until the end of the week. As all my attention this end of the week needs to be on the book chapter. I miss writing more of the short story and the novel. As I want to lose myself in that reality again. I do have on my to do list to get the novel mind maps done and get more of it written. I don’t know when I will get the second chapter of the short story written, but I am thinking about it and I have the plan for it done. I just need to sit and write it.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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