Back At The Computer

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’m back at the computer today, after spending yesterday resting.


I am baa a do at the laptop as I have up to three meetings today, although I may not go to all of them. As I am still in pain and want to have some time to rest. But one of them I do have to go to in the afternoon, as it is an appointment with my key worker. And it is not an appointment that I can miss. Yesterday, I rested all day and tried to get a handle on the pain. Only four more sleeps until I have my appointment for some fascial manipulation, that should hopefully sort it. I did k not end up doing much writing as the painkillers knocked me out asleep for a good chunk of the day. And the rest of the time I spent reading. I have almost finished “Manhattan Loverboy” and I have enjoyed it. A friend sent me his first published book yesterday and I am hoping to start it today.

I want to get some writing done today in between appointments. It will be on the book chapter as the deadline is getting closer and closer. The book chapter is coming along well and we should hit the deadline, we just need to knuckle down and write the final parts. Then we can knit it all together and make it one document. I have loved writing this chapter and hope to write more on mental health. Although I did not write yesterday I did think about the sections that I am writing and what I need to include and the references that I need to find. I need to also look into PhD studentships and how I can do a PhD through publication. I just want to see what my options are and what the fees are. So, I know what I am dealing with.

Also today, I have a drum snare stand arriving. I ordered it a month ago but it was back ordered. So, that is why it is arriving today. I am hoping to start some light drum practice again. I have spoken to my doctor and he thinks that some light massage of the hand and stretching will help. Also that resting for the past week will have helped any inflammation that was there. I won’t be practicing for long just enough to warm up and get a few beats done. It will all be on the practice pad as I have my headaches to think of. And playing with a kit and cymbals will make the headaches worse. It will be good to practice again, not being able to practice has been very frustrating. So, it should be a good day and one that is productive and not hindered by pain.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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