Today’s The Day

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today is the day, I am finally having some fascial manipulation done on my head, neck and shoulders.


I can’t believe that the day is finally here. I have been in pain for what feels like forever, but it has only been a couple of weeks. I have gone from counting down the days to counting down the hours until my appointment time. It is in the start of the afternoon and by two pm I should be sorted. The appointment is for an hour and I will have to fill in some forms and have my temperature checked because of covid. But that is ok. It will take up to an hour to get to the clinic and an hour to get back home. But once I am home I will be able to rest. The treatment usually makes me tired and dopey and I usually end up falling asleep in the car on the way home. So, I will sleep for a bit when home and I know that I will be sore from the treatment. But it will be no where near the pain that I have been in.

There is not much else that I have on today. I have made sure that I kept my diary clear of anything else. That being said I do have some writing to do for a meeting on Wednesday. I got as much of it done as I could yesterday, but there is still some left to do. I don’t know if I will get it all done in time for the meeting but as long as I have something. It should all be fine. It has been hard to write, because of my mental health mood swings because of the pain. Also staring at a computer screen has not helped with the pain. So, I was taking regular breaks from it. But I will try and get some more done in the morning before my appointment. Otherwise, there is not much else to say as I have nothing else planned.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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