No Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

I’m not writing today, as I have other things on throughout the day.


Today, I am having a self-care day in that I am relaxing for the day. After a hectic couple of days where I have been busy with meetings or appointments or not being well because of the pain that I was in. So, today is going to be a chilled day, where I am going to have my hair cut in the morning and then seeing a friend for a socially distant catch up in the afternoon. I may have to go out in the morning and collect some medication from the pharmacy, but I am not certain if I am doing that yet. I am waiting on a verdict from a doctor. I had to email and am waiting on a response. It will be good to have my hair cut, I have had my mum doing it throughout lockdown, as I have my head shaved. But it will be nice to have it done by a professional. Although my mum did not do a bad job of it.

In the afternoon, a friend should be coming over for a socially distant catch up. It will be good to see her and just talk. Hopefully the weather will be better so we can sit outside, which will be easier to socially distant than being inside. It will also be good for my mum to see our friend as well, as she has been shielding and has not really seen anyone, apart from me, since March. So, it should be a good day and a relaxing one. Which will be nice as the past few weeks have been rather stressful.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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