Writing Between Appointments

Hey everyone, how are you?

I have meetings and appointments today, but am going to be writing in between them.


I am aiming to get the current section of the book chapter that I am writing finished today. I am on the second half of it and want to get the draft done with the references. It is the end of the fifth week before the deadline. And we have started to knit the chapter together, but I still have a lot to write. It should be a doable task for the day. I just need to be focused and disciplined about it. I have a meeting in the morning and am appointment in the afternoon. The maximum length of these combined is an hour and a half. So, really, I will have plenty of time until I stop for the day at five pm. It will be good writing after having a day away from the computer yesterday. Yesterday did not go completely to plan, but it was still good to have a day where I mostly rested.

The appointment that I have in the afternoon is mental health related. And the appointment should only be up to half an hour, so, I will have the rest of the afternoon to write. I hope that the appointment goes well and that I am able to discuss what I need to discuss. As there is something specific that I want to talk about. It will take some pressure off something that I have been thinking about. Then I can relax a little more and focus on writing for the rest of the day. When the evening rolls around, I am going to be chilling and maybe gaming a little. I also want to get in some drum practice during the day or evening. I need to get back into it and for the drum practice get back into the routine of practicing again. But I am hoping that today will be a good day and one where I get a substantial amount done.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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