Back Writing

Hey everyone, how are you?

I am back home from the hospital and after spending yesterday resting am back writing.


I need to write today, it is not optional. I have a meeting and a deadline fast approaching. So, I have to write and will be writing the book chapter. I have a section and a half to write by hand. All I can do today, is get as much of it done as possible and typed up and uploaded ready for the meeting tomorrow. I know that the person that I am writing it with will understand when I explain what has been going on over the end of last week and the weekend. But I still want to be able to produce something for us to look over as the deadline is coming up fast. We have a month left. It is doable without it being rushed, just need to get my head down. I won’t be writing any fiction today, as all my time needs to be focused on the book chapter.

The one thing that I will be doing is going to a meeting for an hour. It is a good meeting and I do find it helpful for my mental health. I was not able to go yesterday, as I was just home from the hospital, so, I’d like to go to it today. Aside from that I will be putting my music on and writing like my life depends on it. I must not get distracted by other things. So, I am not going to have the television on as I get too distracted by it. Music is different it doesn’t distract me and I can stay focused with it on. I just need some form of background noise whilst I am writing. Sometimes I can write in silence but I find it hard to do.

When the writing is done I will be relaxing, this will be in the evening. I want to get some more reading done, as I have not read for a couple of days. I tried to read in the hospital but my head was too busy for me to be able to concentrate on the words. I may also get some gaming in, as there is a game that I have bought and want to play. It was a game originally on the PlayStation 3 but it has been remastered. I am really looking forward to playing it. So, it will be a busy day but also a good productive one as well.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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