List Done

Hey everyone, how are you?

Everything on my to do list for the week is done. Meaning that I can just chill this weekend.


It’s been such a busy week with one thing or another, that I was relieved yesterday to cross off the final task on my to do list. It means that I have nothing looming over me this weekend. I can just do as I please. I think I am going to get in some gaming over the weekend, as I have not done any this week yet. I had planned to do some on Thursday but ended up reading all day instead. I’d like to play some more of “The Last Of Us Part II” and start “Mafia II” as well. I played the second game on the PlayStation 3 years ago and really enjoyed it. So, when they remastered it for the current generation of consoles I knew that I wanted to play it again. I can lose hours gaming and it is, for me, such a good way to relax.

I am not planning on doing any writing. However, I am not going to rule it out either. As if I get an idea or want to write something I will. I’m just not going to force myself. I have written a lot throughout the week and it is good to spend some time away from the computer. It is good because for one thing it gives you a chance to do something else. And also, when you go back to writing you go back with fresher eyes. Which can help with editing and developing the argument or the plot of the piece that is being written. If I were to write over the weekend then it is likely to be fiction rather than non-fiction as I have been neglecting it a bit because of the deadline. I’d like to write the second chapter of the short story and get that going again.

Otherwise, the weekend is entirely at my disposal. There is some football on this weekend, which I will be watching as the team I support is playing. I may also do some more drum practice. I got a good session in yesterday and was happy. But I know I need to get back to practicing each day again. As that is the quickest way for me to get better. I also want to film some more of the drumming and upload it to my Instagram account. So, I may do some of that over the weekend as well.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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