Week Ahead

Hey everyone, how are you?

It’s the start of a relatively appointment free week, but still a busy week for me.


At the start of each week I write a to do list so that I know what I need to accomplish. And although I do not have many appointments, I know that there is still a lot to do. It is mostly all writing, but there are some meetings as well. Today, I have a meeting in the morning and may have to go out in the afternoon, but then again, I may leave that until tomorrow. I have a lot of writing to do and I want to make as much progress on that as possible. I am feeling more refreshed after not writing any of the book chapter over the weekend and will be going back to it with fresh eyes. I am on the last section that I have to write for the main body of the chapter and then it will just be a case of conclusion and editing. Which is good as the deadline is now three weeks away. We are still making good progress though and will be meeting later in the week.

I mentioned that I may need to go out today. It is mostly because I have to put a prescription in. And currently they are being done on the day that they are requested. I am running out of a couple of medications so need to go to the pharmacy sooner rather than later to pick it up. It will be good to get out of the house, be it today or tomorrow, as I have not been out in over a week. The last time I was out of the house was when I came home from the hospital where I spent the night. I have had no reason to go out and because a member of my family is shielding I’ve not wanted to go out. Depending on the weather I may walk to the high street but if it is pouring down then I won’t. Either way I know that getting some fresh air will be good for both my physical and mental health.

Aside from potentially going out, I will be spending the bulk of the day at my computer. So, in the evening, I am just going to chill. I know that at some point I will want to do some drum practice and I don’t want to leave that too late as I don’t want to annoy the neighbours. I also want to try and get more reading done as the evening wears on. I am over half way through the fiction book that I am reading. Although, I may have read enough when writing so may opt for some gaming instead. As that will help me to relax just as much. It should be a good start to the week and I hope that the week ahead is a good one.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you have a good day.


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